Group Therapy

Group therapy is an effective type of treatment offered by drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in order for each individual to create a connection with someone like them, gain insight from their peers, and also get feedback from someone who is going through the same thing they are going through.

Group therapy offers connection between addicts allowing to truly support each other, see and believe in recovery. Group therapy has the ability to change someone’s perspective on life for the rest of his or her lives. The strong connection and knowledge that someone has gone through the same thing you have is something that most people don’t get to experience. Experiencing a common peril and overcoming it together creates a bond that most other types of therapies do not offer.

Group therapy also gives alcoholics and addicts insight into the stories and struggles of their fellow peers as they talk in a group with one another. When an alcoholic or addict gives feedback in group therapy it not only helps the person they are giving feedback too, but it also causes them to look inside of themselves and realize the self-reflection gained from sharing with others. This is what makes group therapy so effective. The ability to see something in another person and relate it back to yourself -not only gives another person insight but also gives you clarity.

Group therapy also gives hope to each individual as the people who are farther along continue to do well and stay sober. The newer clients gain something from the more veteran clients. They see that the ability to get sobriety and hang onto it is possible. Group therapy allows each individual to see what the right thing or wrong to do in their sobriety is so they can choose what path they want to take in order to stay sober.

Group therapy gives someone the ability to learn from someone else’s experiences so they don’t have to make the mistakes themselves. This keeps everyone moving forward with progression instead of sliding backwards. Group therapy is one of the most effective therapies in treatment because of all the reasons mentioned above. Group therapy provides that “insider” connection from one addict or alcoholic to the next. This gives the ability to not only create help within treatment but also to create a bond that will last outside of treatment. Group therapy is the therapy of like- minded people helping one another and in turn helping themselves. This is something for the addict or alcoholic that is priceless.

Group therapy is where true change happens and true insight is gained thanks to the other people in treatment. It’s a fundamental part of recovery and something that an addict or alcoholic takes with them through out their entire journey into lifetime sobriety.  In fact, that’s what 12-step programs and working with other alcoholics is all about. It is the connection of one alcoholic helping another.